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Churt Heritage

Churt Heritage

Tell us more about Churt Heritage!

Well, even though Churt doesn’t look like an ancient village, it has plenty of history which we should record, preserve and make available for future generations.  And that’s what Churt Heritage aims to do. 

We want to collect and store safely all of the research which has already been done, and everything which we hope will be done in the future.  And we want to make this available to everyone who is studying either this area or their family who once lived in this area.  We want to pass this knowledge on to everyone who lives in this village, so we need a place where our stored records can be available for study both by adults and the children from St John’s School. And we want to encourage everyone to tell us about their past and to record it for the future. 

At the moment Churt Heritage won’t be arranging monthly meetings but we aim to have a number of history events during the year.


Churt Images From World War Two 

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We are all Churt Heritage, it’s not a society you have to join, but we do need your support.

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Churt Heritage
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