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About Churt

Churt is a village in the Surrey Hills. Churt, on the extreme west of Surrey and adjoining Hampshire, is an ancient village. Pre-census days, Churt was significant enough to have its own name, Cert.

Churt is one of 18 parishes within Waverley Borough in the County of Surrey.  A parish council is the first, tier of local government. Our Churt Parish Council comprises 9 elected members who campaign and work to improve services and facilities for the village. Elections are held every four years. 

Churt Parish Council meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm in the Pavilion on the Recreation Ground. Agendas for meetings are posted on the notice board outside the village hall and at the Pavilion. Meetings are open to the public so why not come along and see what decisions are being made for the village?





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