Legal Disclaimer

The following Disclaimer applies to all activities undertaken as part of the Churt Community Support Scheme. All Help Requestors will be asked to agree to this Disclaimer before help can be provided:

The Churt Community Support Scheme was originally set up in the light of the Covid-19 public health emergency, so it is not covered by the usual rules and regulations that normally apply to voluntary services.  We are essentially just neighbours and members of your community, who will try to help if we can. 

Please take time to read this information, so that you are fully aware of how this group operates. Once you have read through this information and you decide to ask for help, you will be automatically bound by this disclaimer.


  • Any assistance that a volunteer may provide is on a purely voluntary basis at their discretion. Our group is all about neighbours pulling together and volunteers are not paid for their time, but hopefully we’ll be able to help you out.

  • If you want groceries or would like a volunteer to buy anything for you, then you will need to provide them with money to do this before they go to the shops. It may be that you can call ahead to the shop and pay over the phone, or you can leave out an envelope with cash.

  • No legal or contractual relationship shall arise at any time between a volunteer, the Churt Community Support Group administrators and the person who has asked for help.

  • As this is just a voluntary community  service, with no funding or processes for DBS checks, the volunteers and administrators of the group will not be held liable for any loss or liability a person who has asked for help may suffer as a result of requesting assistance.

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